Alex Jansen Photography | Shughart_Baseball_2015


The images are now posted!


They can be found at the link below,

however before clicking on it please take a

minute to read the following information

copied and pasted from the flier published a

few weeks ago:


  • No watermarks of any kind will appear on the face of any printed images. They are only to protect the images located in this album from theft.
  • All packages are ordered from the album linked below using any credit card and will be shipped directly to your door within 3-5 days.
  • Digital files of all the images you purchase in an order will be emailed to the email address used when placing the order at no additional cost.
  • All images within a package can be separately chosen - you are not forced to the same image for all sizes. For example, in Package Charlie one 8x10 can be your child’s portrait and the other 8x10 can be the team photo. You select which image is used for each individual item.
  • Military discounts have already been applied to all packages.


Additionally, for the team portrait, there will be two options available of the same image. With and without a border.

Note that without the border, the image CANNOT be ordered in an 8x10 as it will result in players being cut out of the image, as seen below using an 8x10 overlay:

If you would like the image above without the border, ensure you are selecting either a 2x3 or 5x7 aspect ratio (4x6, 16x24, etc. are all in the ratio of 2x3). The image with the border and team name is exactly formatted for an 8x10 and 8x10 only.


Lastly, this album (and thus the ability to order) will expire on 13 May.


Click here to access the Photo Album