Alex Jansen Photography | Services and FAQ

Considering enlisting me to capture a special something for you?   Great!

Before heading over to the Contact page, please take a look at both expandable menus below to understand what you can expect of me no matter the event or session type. If you have a question that you feel isn't answered by the FAQ below then please contact me!

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  • - Standard portrait session for individuals, couples, families, maternity, pets, etc.

    - One and a half hour (90 min) session - ask me about arranging longer sessions

    - Location and wardrobe changes are factored into total session time

    - Intended for immediate family members and pets (contact me about larger groups)

    - If a baby/pet -sitter is needed during this session, please let me know so we can arrange for a more fun and efficient session.

    - $75 print credit for print products/wall art

  • - Individual headshot for professional and personal use
      Resumes, Business Portfolios, Blogs, Social Media, Online Dating Profiles, etc.

    - Quick session lasting 20-30 minutes

    - Private proofing gallery to view all the images taken during your session to choose one favorite image. I will then email the image as a full resolution digital file with no watermarks. A full print/usage rights release is included, so do with it as you please!
              Additional images can be ordered a la carte

    - Make-up and hair can be arranged.


    Having a party/get-together? Not only is there a discount for each person, but the host gets their headshot for free if there's 5 or more other attendees!

  • - This session features your newborn with and without parents, siblings, and/or pets.

    - Up to four (4) hours in your home. This is to provide the best opportunity to adjust to and work with your baby's schedule, allowing for plenty of bathroom, feeding, and rocking-to-sleep breaks. Best if within 6-10 days of birth.

    - While I encourage you to have some cute outfits/accessories for your newborn, I will bring all the necessary equipment, backdrops, lighting, props, etc. - just have the baby!

    - Complimentary 8x10 print in the finish of your choosing 
                Regular, Metallic "Fuji Pearl," or True B&W 

    - $75 print credit for print products/wall art


    Additional discount offered when booked together with a maternity portrait session.


  • - This package includes four (4) total sessions:
              Session 1 - Maternity Session
              Session 2 - Newborn Session
              Session 3 - Milestone Session around 6 months old
              Session 4 - Milestone Session celebrating 1 year old

    - By selecting this package and ordering all four sessions at once, you save!

    - Book Milestone sessions at any time throughout the year at a discounted rate
              For example Easter, Halloween, and/or Christmas

    - Complimentary 8x10 prints with choice of finish - one from each session
                Regular, Metallic "Fuji Pearl," or True Black and White

    - $75 print credit towards each session










  • "Shotgun Wedding"
         - Up to 2 hours of continuous coverage
         - Private gallery for viewing, proofing, and
            a la carte purchasing. Password protected
            access for both you and your family/friends.

    "A Village Affair"
         - Up to 4 hours of continuous coverage
         - Same private gallery as Shotgun Wedding
         - Complimentary 11" x 14" print

    "Almost Famous"
         - Up to 6 hours of continuous coverage
         - Same private gallery as Shotgun Wedding
         - Bridal or Engagement Session at location and date of your choice.
         - Complimentary 8" x 12" print, 11" x 14" print, and 16" x 24" print

    "We'll Never Be Royals"
         - Up to 12 hours of continuous coverage
         - Same private gallery as Shotgun Wedding.
         - Engagement Session, 2 hours at location and date of your choice.
         - Bridal Session, 2 hours at location and date of your choice.
         - Complimentary 16" x 24" canvas wrap

    Or, let's customize a package to best suit your big day!



    Destination Wedding? I love being on the road (or in the air)! Contact me to discuss the details!


  • - Product photography exhibiting items for sale and to be advertised
         · Editorial advertising campaigns
         · Clothes
    for a magazine/website
         · Food in your restaurant's menu

         · Additions to your home business

    - Highlight whatever item you want, to attract attention and buyers
         · "All-in-focus" and extreme detail


         · Showcase your item in a        
           completely unique and
           eye-catching manner



    As each project and its intended medium are all different, contact me so we can discuss how to best showcase your great products!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • You're right - there's loads of other photographers within a stone's throw. Imagine how I feel!

    But in all seriousness, I believe I stand out, and for two reasons. First, the quality of my work. I'll just leave it at that and invite you to look at the galleries throughout my website so you can make an assessment for yourself.

    Second, is my back-breaking customer service. Ask any of the people that I've been fortunate enough to work with and I'll bet you a canvas that my willingness to go above and beyond will be one of the first things they mention. That and they love my pictures ;)

  • YES! As a currently-on-active-duty soldier myself (head on over to my About Alex page to learn more about me), I understand and appreciate your service to our country should you or an immediate family member proudly wear the uniform. As such, every session/event type will have a standard rate as well as a discounted rate exclusively for military personnel and their families

    I would also like to take this opportunity to extend this discount to others whom serve our communities, including police, firefighters, and teachers.

  • Your immediate family, no matter how big or small, with or without pets, is your family and I'll work with you to accommodate all of them the best I can. Not at an additional cost. Unless you are referring to 3rd and 4th-cousins twice-removed. They don't count as immediate family ;)

    If you'd like to discuss capturing a portrait featuring your extended family and/or multiple generations, let me know and we'll figure it out on a case-by-case basis.

  • Sure thing! I know all too well how the military can decide that free time is no longer free, and at the last minute too. So if that does happen, then absolutely we can reschedule. Just let me know as soon as possible and we'll work something out and if it's something enduring (say a deployment) and you want a refund of what you'd already paid, then we can make that happen.

    Along the same vein, if the weather just isn't cooperating and we are doing an outdoor shoot, then at no penalty fee to you (unless you are Storm from X-Men) we'll find another time or location.

  • Neither. The delivered products from all sessions will be properly processed images in a readily viewable/shareable format (.jpeg) - no RAW files, unedited images, or bloopers for you to worry about.


    You're welcome :)

  • Yes and No. You'll get digital files optimized for the web, e-mail, Facebook, etc. but not the full resolution images as you're probably thinking. Why? Because the typical Facebook image is under 1 megapixel. "Full HD" is barely 2 mpx, yet by comparison I shoot 25-30+ mpx. You can see how, except for big and gorgeous prints over your mantle, full resolution files are excessive. Want wall art? To ensure the very best quality possible I require you to order them through me - I've done the research and have partnered with the best print labs.

    If you still require the full resolution files, let me know when booking and we'll discuss how you can purchase them.

  • As soon as the images from the session are 100% complete (usually within a week), I will schedule a time with you to meet and reveal your finished collection in-person so you can appreciate them (or tell me how terrible they are!) before they are made public.

    The other purpose for this is to offer assistance as to what print products would best suit your home, office, or other location. I'll provide samples of similar tangible art products in multiple styles (fine art prints, canvases, metallic prints, etc.) for you to appreciate their size and how they look in the flesh.

  • Assuming you mean the images you shared on Facebook were a hit and now they want prints to display at home, then no worries! Immediately after we meet and you approve your collection of images, I'll publish a private gallery on my website where your family can view the same images and then order whatever they want à la carte.

    The best part about this is you don't have to do a thing! Just send them the private gallery link and they order, use their credit card, input their address, and a week later the products are shipped directly to their door!

    If only everything involving friends and family were this pain-free ;)

  • You'll notice how none of the sessions/events (except Professional Headshots) promise a specific number of images - a common practice these days among amateur photographers. This is because I find it hinders the creative process and instead forces me to focus on capturing a quantity of images rather than the very best quality I'm capable of and, more importantly, that you deserve. After processing all the images and eliminating duplicates and/or subpar shots, I may finish a session with ten deliverable images, while other times with 25 or more.

    Regardless, I promise they will all be of superlative quality and images I would be proud to hang on my own wall.

  • Yes, but it's not as bad as you think. They're short and I'll sit down with you and discuss every portion of them to make sure you again understand what to expect of me. What's important to know is that my contracts are not a catch-all to protect myself - I wrote them with your perspective in mind to offer you the same protection, requiring both of us to agree and sign to it. And if there's any specific clause that just doesn't sit well with you, we can talk about excluding it. My session contract is about four pages long and the one for weddings/events is five pages.

    If you'd like to read through them, please feel free:              Session Contract          Wedding/Event Contract

  • Yes. Barring any special circumstances that you've discussed with me, there will be an initial booking fee of $50 for portrait and headshot sessions ($200 for "Watch me Grow" packages, weddings, and other major events) to confirm your desired scheduling.

    This will act as a non-refundable deposit in the event of a no-show. This is not in addition to the session fees listed above but rather a portion of that total.

    The remaining balance is due no later than the session itself. Or your finished images are held as ransom ;)

  • Maybe... Am I going to have to travel beyond 25 miles of zip code 28390 for this shoot? If so, then you'll be required to cover the cost of travel time and fuel at a rate of 35 cent ($0.35) per mile, both to and from.


    Should your shoot require permits due to the location, then you will be responsible for the cost of those photography permits unless otherwise specified.